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Saving the Day…

What to do when the fire station open day promised to your toddler was closed because Mummy mixed up the dates?! That’s exactly what happened on Sunday morning. Over breakfast, we decided to take a trip to Soho Fire Station for the London Fire Brigade’s 150th anniversary. We chatted about the number of fire engines there may be, whether or not the firefighters would put out a fire as a demonstration and by the time Bubs was re-enacting the Chinese lion dance (for another time), we had a massively excited 3 year old! So…with a 3 month old & by now, a hyper 3 year old we all set off towards Soho….only to find the Fire Station rather closed. Hmm…cue confused Mummy & Bubs. Until Mr. J helpfully pointed out the banner which read ‘Open Day Saturday 7th May’ and just in case, I didn’t identify the problem added ‘It’s Sunday 8th May today’….Drat.

Now, if you know toddlers you would also know as all this was unfolding, little Bubs was like a broken record ‘Where are the fire engines? Where are they? Mummy? Mummy? Mummy?’ and let’s not forget the lion dance ‘Mummy, mummy, where is the lion dance? Mummy?’….Oh and also cue hungry baby. So, I did what most mummies would do at this point, asked Mr. J to answer Bubs’ questions as I walked off swiftly with the baby mumbling something about ‘finding somewhere to feed this one’.

Fast forward 30 minutes, chocolate gelatos, coffees and 1 bottle of milk later we hatched a plan. Let’s take the kids to the National Gallery, it’s just like going to a museum – Bubs loves those and the baby just love seeing people! Buggy & scooter in tow, we headed to the gallery where Bubs was asked nicely by the security guard to come off. We then spent the next hour reminding him to stay off his scooter. By the way, we only manage to see the Dining Rooms & the Toilets! If you’re ever stuck for somewhere to eat in the Trafalgar Square area, I would highly recommend the National Gallery Dining Rooms. 


After a more substantial lunch than just gelato, we wandered towards the galleries but our toddler had other ideas having seen the London Eye from the window. Given his bouncy state, we took Bubs outside and set him free on the scooter into Trafalgar Square. He loved the ‘swimming pools’ (water fountains) and we just couldn’t tear him away. We also showed Bubs the river, boats and the London Eye (‘the big wheel’) before taking two tired little ones home.

Photo 08-05-2016 14 54 22

I’m sure (hope) I’m not the only parent who has mixed up dates, especially as these days we are juggling more than ever. I would love to hear your stories…



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